How to get silky smooth skin easy

Perfect tan and silky skin

It 's possible thanks to the beauty of ice cream!

A skin supple and silky, and a 'perfect tan is the beauty of every girl's dream, at least during the' summer. Here, the many signs and suggestions that we have offered and continue to offer (we hope so agreeable and useful ) to be able to get those results, now add one really sweet. You know the side chain of ice cream G? Doing to get the idea, very clever, to produce an ice-cream beauty, a beauty cream made ​​with ingredients carefully selected to combine taste and health, welfare and pleasure of the palate.

These handcrafted products that use flavors of the world, chosen for their nutritional properties. For example, you can find excellent ice cream to the fruit Acai, from Peru, rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E, greek yogurt, to make a fool of probiotics that act in the intestine, making our skin glowing.
i want silky skin
Still, there is taste's jojoba ( which stimulates the production of melanin due to vitamin A) , and ethnic and exotic flavors, such as draining and refreshing lemon and mint in Marrakech ... In short, true delights that will make even more beautiful. What more could you want? At the time, the ice cream side G is six in all Italy, but not surprise us if you multiply ...
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Perfect tan, how to prepare the skin to sun exposure

Getting a 'perfect tan, natural and smooth, without going through burns and sunburn, keeping your skin beautiful, healthy and radiant, is a goal that many of us are placed during the summer, on holiday. We go to sea; we at the beach under the hot sun, and take advantage of all the free days available to expose ourselves to sunlight and to return to the city, or at least to the work and life as usual. With a beautifully golden color in order to achieve our aim; however, and will consider primarily what our skin type of membership, and be aware of not being able to ask a milky complexion to sudden become coffee-colored, it is extremely necessary to take care of our skin, acting on a two fronts: external and internal. Let's see how.

Tan perfect starting it from
Prepare your skin to 'summer tan is to act in time, choosing a' power giving us all these substances are necessary to keep it healthy, it appropriately to stimulate the natural production of melanin. In fact, it is nothing but a protection of the skin, which is activated by exposure to the sun and which serves to protect us from the harmful UV rays. The healthier and vital skin cells, more rapid and uniform will be the production of melanin.

Our diet should therefore focus on foods that contain both beta-carotene, a substance that is responsible for the pigment to yellow-orange fruits and certain vegetables like pumpkins, carrots, melons, peaches, apricots, etc.... Since a beta-carotene molecules in our body is synthesized in the form of vitamin A, it automatically becomes a protection for the skin, as this vitamin is essential for its youth and vitality.
skin problems due to sun exposure
Still, with the goal always having a tan, green cruciferous, or broccoli and brussels sprouts, rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and, therefore, aging (including skin), but also beta-carotene, although are orange in color. Even eating many tomatoes is a help to our skin because they contain lycopene is a powerful antioxidant. All these foods should be consumed preferably raw or lightly steamed or in juice version and centrifuged.

Perfect tan, how to cure skin
We come prepared to "external" to 'tan. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, released from dead cells; it should be stimulated circulation. Moreover, the appointment with the first exposure you need to arrive with a 'skin hydrated and nourished in depth, because the sun's rays are the main weakness of dry skin. For this you must always use the best sunscreen and appropriate to our photo type, repeating several times the dose during the exposure, and also further hydrate the skin with an after-sun after returning from the beach. However, behind all this, one must start with a good scrub, or facial (softer) than the body.

The exfoliating and cleansing of the microspheres release the accumulated impurities from our skin (which does not leave the breathing) and dead cells, making it smooth and ready to welcome the sun. Another useful tip to prepare the skin to tan, that is, weeks before exposure, to make purifying masks. The most suitable are those to 'clay, both white and green (you will find them in herbal medicine), which are applied in a thick layer and leave on for ten minutes. It should be rinsed out with a sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Your skin will be fresh and silky, and these will give you a tan really a scream.
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How to get rid of tan by natural remedies

Perfect tan, natural remedies to protect the skin from the sun

With the arrival of Charon and the blazing sun, the sea is our refuge. For a 'perfect tan, however, is absolutely necessary to be very careful to adequately protect our skin from harmful UV-An and UV-B, since their days in "hell" as such because their action becomes ever intense. Throw from the beach is of course the first wish of all , first of all, to find cool water, and then to enjoy the sun and give us a suntan to scream.

However, no less can be fun also go in the pool, near the lakes, mountains, and wherever possible be able to refresh yourself in some way in any case, here for you some useful tips on how to protect your skin from the sun, before, during and after exposure, using only natural remedies.

Prepare the skin for tanning
We start from a critical step to obtain a 'perfect tan: preparing the skin from within. To make our skin as much as possible ready to receive the action of sunlight, we must nourish and fortify it with proper nutrition. We talked about it often, but always worth repeating: eating fruits and vegetables help a lot, especially that it is rich in carotenes and antioxidants, such as carrots, tomatoes, apricots and peaches, strawberries and blueberries, broccoli and melons. However, even plants, and extracts thereof, may provide that protection endogenous rather than allow us not only to tan faster and better, but especially not to suffer the harmful effects of UV rays in terms of aging of the skin. For example, it informs us Dr. Nadia Tamburlin, Professor of Medicine at the natural aesthetic Smiem Agora, herbal extracts suitable are the wild rose and Cucumis melo, rich in vitamin C. To be taken in drops or tablets.
tan naturally quickly
Before exposure to the sun
Before 'exposure to the sun, so protect your skin even more effectively and at the same time stimulate the production of melanin, we can use baking soda, goldmine natural virtues. Our first application of sunscreen, we dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in a quart of water and nebulizer on the body and face.

Natural remedies for burns
Let's move on after the sun, when our skin, perhaps to our own carelessness, it is burned. To treat burns and sunburns are specific drugs, but if our problem is only a slight burn, then we can find relief with a decoction based mallow (fresh or dried). Simply use the infusion impregnation of cotton or gauze and apply it on the red areas.

How long to keep the tan
To maintain our long beautiful tan, we must be very careful with the 'hygiene. Use detergents too aggressive could have deleterious effects on our tan, but at the same time, the dead cells must be continuously removed to allow melanin to react. To this Dr, Tamburlin should regularly carry a gentle scrub and natural, made ​​from sugar, and especially after every shower, moisturize the skin after sun with a cream-based product and natural preservatives such as suntan papaya.
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How to make her perfect tan last?

How to make her perfect tan last?

The recommendations of dermatologists

There are many ways to get a 'perfect tan, but not all are equally healthy for our skin. An example is the tan lamps and solar showers, which can damage the skin in depth, reaching up to the deepest layer, which is the dermis, and thereby increasing the likelihood of developing serious diseases such as melanoma, the most aggressive between tumors of the skin. However, there is another side of the coin, rather unpleasant, especially for us women wild tan will also have its appeal on time, but by triggering a process of photo aging, threatens to make us discover at the end of the summer with many more signs and wrinkles than we would like.

Better would be to expose ourselves to the sun, because the tan most natural and beautiful to see are precisely those given by the sunlight, with caution and prudence. Always use sunscreen, even when the first protective layer of tan has been formed, and not to endanger our skin exposing the most dangerous hours, those in which the UV-An and UV-B, but also the infrared, are more powerful (12 to 16 pm), would be valuable to follow the rules. However, see below some useful tips of dermatologists about tanning.
perfect tan comm ave
Perfect tan, the advice of a dermatologist
We begin with the advice of a dermatologist Marcello Monti, Professor of Dermatology at the University of Milan. The first thing to keep in mind is that a tan is nothing other than a natural protective layer of our skin to sunlight. Without sunscreen, bare skin, we can be in the sun to begin to activate the melanin no longer than 10 minutes, after which there scottiamo. Of course, in order to stay on the beach brown longer and increase the exposure time we can use of sunscreen, but the professor says, no more than a factor of medium security, so no more than 20 SPF.
Instead, what we should do to give breath to the skin and to stimulate more production of melanin, is to alternate half hour that we wait to bake in the sun exposed skin, where we cover it in stages, taking care to use clothing to hoc in natural fibers and sort of "gymnastics" (cover yourself-cowperitic) of the skin is very effective to improve the protective response and; therefore, the natural formation of tanning. Consigliatissime sun lamps before going on holiday, because, according to the dermatologist, age your skin. We see the rules to follow if we want to prepare your skin to receive the benefits without the sun damage, and stimulate our production of melanin.

Perfect tan, how to prepare the skin
To prepare the skin to the sun and get a 'lasting tan, you must, as we have seen, gradually expose ourselves, not during the hottest hours, and protect us always with sunscreen of high quality continuing even when we were already golden. However, because our wonderful suntan result, we must also follow the rules of wisdom. We begin from 'power: we must eat foods rich in water and vitamins, especially beta-carotene. Fruits and vegetables yellow or orange, like carrots, pumpkin, apricots, melons, peaches, etc., should always be served on our table.

Green light to blue and red fruits (tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, beets, etc.), which contain vitamin C and antioxidants that strengthen the skin and make it beautiful. Another golden rule: drink lots of water, especially at the beach. There is nothing more harmful to tan on a dry skin. Furthermore, to help our skin, it should as well not be denied the right rest. The wee hours combined with full day at the beach are not thrown a panacea. Sleep well at night or enjoy a nice afternoon nap (possibly not in the sun!), we will look better and our skin will appear more relaxed and ready to receive sunlight. Got that? It is not difficult ...
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Tan skinned: tips to avoid burning

Already thinking to 'tan? Bet you have, considering the temperatures of recent days. You do not need to wait for summer vacation tan, just a weekend at the beach or the mountains to get a little 'in color. If your problem is the light skin, do not worry: I think I have a little 'experience since my complexion "lunar." The light skin reddened immediately after you are exposed to the sun, not to mention that the risk of sunburn and rashes, is really high.

If you also have the milky skin, follow the advice found below, and you'll get a healthy tan without the risks. Do not think of becoming charcoal: this will never happen, at most reach a nice golden honey color.

If you have fair skin, freckles or moles, you have to be careful, because you are at risk of sunburn. The skin, in fact, has a memory and "stored" around the sun takes: over the years could experience an easier occurrence of skin cancer.

Do not expose yourself never use a sun without protection. The sunscreen should have a very high protection factor, at least 30 +.

Do not think that the sun will do less harm to the city to the sea or mountains: Use a daily moisturizer with UVA and UVB.
tan skinned nationalities
Do not ever expose yourself to the sun during peak hours and wear a hat and sunglasses.

Repeat the application of sunscreen every 2-3 hours, to use even if you were to 'shadow: often, there is the risk of glare.
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History of cellulitis

Cellulite has always been. The word "cellulite" was not, and he was cellulitis.

In the paintings of old masters, which depicts nude women in Europe, we see numerous bulge on my stomach and hips, uneven skin dimples, even color of the skin on the thighs and buttocks is uneven, which is inherent in cellulite. Cellulite is a European women drawn not only from inanimate doll figures Bosch. But it is very evident in the paintings of Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Rembrandt, Rubens, Boucher, all dimples and pads on the female body artists subscribed to detail, diligent and seem to love. The paintings of Impressionist and Post-Impressionists - Courbet, Corrie, Manet, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec - cellulite can be considered in all its details, so lifelike, they display it. A Kustodiev, it seems, did not think the true beauty of women without cellulite "pads" that richly reflected in his " Venus."

Painters have been lenient, painting portraits of women - face, neck, shoulders, arms are young and carefully primping: the portraits of all the girls beautiful, mature matrons looked much younger than his years spent at the time of the creation of a portrait, and the Empress Anna Ivanovna pockmarked depicted with smooth skin and smooth oval face. But when it comes to the bottom of the body, it's easy to write off from nature. Sometimes it affects the mismatch of fresh young faces and the lower part of hypertrophic (eg, "Salvation Arsinoe" Tintoretto.) Sculptures of the past no less eloquent - Proud profiles, swan necks, chiseled face and - cellulite bumps and such as can be seen and felt by hand (who manage to touch the sculpture.)

Why did painters and sculptors of yore so openly, so realistically, portrayed by cellulite? Everything is explained simply: no one suffered from the fact that the skin on the thighs and flabby "dimpled." It is not considered ugly. And few could see a naked woman entirely: bathing suits tightly covered body to her knees, washing of the ladies made only in the presence of servants who are not ashamed (and some even washed in t-shirts), and sex were more chaste in the dark. Toilets of those years much bared his chest, shoulders, arms, and closed the entire lower part of the body, so cherished by the ladies and holili face, neck, decolletage, arms, waist, Waist carefully, and the "ground floor" just did not need to smooth - securely draped skirts all defects and irregularities. Cellulite in women was much more pronounced because, dragging in corsets, ladies greatly disturbed blood circulation and lymph flow in the lower extremities.

But I, in the second half of the Twentieth Century a New Ideal Woman - Sporty, slim, trim. Here's The First Attempts were made to smooth rough skin on the thighs.

In the Soviet Union in the Fifties of Our Century, Excess Weight HAS Not Declared War, and Leading Beauty and movie scenes were "in the body." But that's smooth skin on your feet is claimed: on the podium showed swimsuits in film action often the tups place on the beach, countryside, moving away from the post-war Devastation, Mad is the sports shows and Parade, Demonstration The Power of our state, Brough and women are in large quantities shorts.
History of cellulitis
In the mid-Fifties, I saw this picture. Our family rented a cottage, In the same house and one of the rooms occupied two friend - lovely young woman. Our neighbors have surprised my mother Immediately After the first acquaintance: They asked her not to throw Grounds coffee (instant coffee did not yet exist), and to give them. And then I saw how They were ground in the garden of the thigh and abdomen of the guschey wet, and I am therefore pleased Bandagist linen towels were running, frolicking, playing volleyball, doing warm-up. Seeing that I was watching Them, One Woman Explained to me that was recently on a business trip to Poland and Polish colleagues shared her secret with her, how to align the skin on the thighs: Put Coffee Ground and in a move I am therefore pleased for Several hours . Polka showed her his ACHIEVEMENTS - Smooth Skin - and why are they otherwise my friend doing the not to lag behind on their foreign colleagues. It Seems I was lucky enough to watch on their First Attempts at one of the Anti-Cellulite body wraps. Today, After 45 years, I can not explain is what I am therefore pleased dated a wrapping effect: from the wet coffee grounds, through the epidermis and dermis, the subcutaneous fat molecules penetrade caffeine, Which stimulates Lipolysis in adipocytes (fat cells), and the Particles Coffee Grounds after a preposition motion massage the skin, Improve its circulation, and the Flow Lymph Flow of interstitial fluid, Reduce CONGESTION, a positive effect on the metabolism of keratinocytes in the epidermis and the dermis fibroblasts. All of this together and aligns the Skin and Improve its appearance.

Sixties brought a mini-fashion clothes: skirts rose as much as 20 centimeters above the knee and the joke was: "You take those 20 inch tissue tape? No, a skirt!" Of course, as soon as figures are heavily shelled out all the defects of the skin and body, and women started to suffer some cellulite. Women began earnestly to lose weight, hoping to lose inches and disgusting that the hips and legs. First "Kinodiety." At the end of the sixties was the idol of young ladies in English model Twiggy ("Twiggy" in English means "twig") - hudyuschaya girl eyes, saucers, hollow cheeks, unnaturally long false eyelashes, is 175 cm and weight 45 kg (official data). Of course, such a stick-legs, like Twiggy, cellulite simply can not have, and be like his idol, young Slavic starved himself to death, do not want to see the differences between the natural and lean physique Englishwoman Twiggy. Weak yet reached the minimum weight - but often istonshalis legs and cellulite bumps remained in place.

In the Seventies, a favorite of young Twiggy went to the shadows, and the USSR, sex symbols become feminine and less ham Svetlana and Natalya Selezneva Svetlichnaya (although the title of "sex symbol" to a couple of decades later - and the seventies, the words and do not exist, like the word "cellulitis"). Young ladies graduated eager to lose weight, but really carried away with the use of exercises and carefully copied each other, "the abdomen, legs and inner thighs."

In the eighties, the Soviet wine has been a major change: in movies and quickly began to undress naked, not fleeting, but a long time stuck on the screen in the nude. This does not affect the fashion: it was a lot of creams and body was the word "cellulitis". All surveys are recommended to have prerovnuyu flat, smooth leather-pregladkuyu - without a single hump - and to take all measures to achieve this.

In the early nineties, it was not until details such as physical violations - the country was going through a profound political and economic crisis. Passions around the tuberosity of the female body is a bit faded - they are simply overshadowed by more serious emotions. Although his life was, and hungry, but the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, slightly rounded ...

But at the end of the crisis and the changing political and economic systemantitsellyultinye passions burned again. There is a new sex symbol, a prestigious women's profession, occupation has become a "model", the actress appeared naked in not only movies but also on the stage. Appeared in an erotic ballet. I saw the ballet theater "Mystery-N" - "Eros and Psyche": a beautiful body, beautiful movement ... Was struck by how utterly perfect the human body over time. If the erotic ballet was such a consistent impact on middle-aged woman, one can imagine how strong the effect of such a spectacle publish girls: they immediately want to do everything to be the shape - without bumps of cellulite. After all, it is inherent in human nature and trying to perfect a drive to improve its appearance. Ideals are changing, but the desire to resemble the ideal.

Women's ideal of today - slim girl in a flat stomach, small buttocks and smooth skin. Contemporary women's restrooms, especially in the summer, which is characterized by a maximum of material and nudity. If the matter much that your feet are still opening deep long cuts. So today, clothes are no longer hide cellulite. Thus, cellulite is the declared enemy of the malignant woman's body.

Cellulitis - cosmetic defect that is just annoying, harmless to health. Many women do not care about the problem of cellulite, and some do not even know what cellulite - and they live quietly in their blissful ignorance ... But for those who are obsessed with the desire to have perfectly smooth skin, a series of methods and tools to combat cellulite, and they are constantly being upgraded and perfected, the new integrated programs. Of course, perfectly smooth skin does not happen - in the abstract as a "black body" or "absolutely" an incompressible fluid. "What worked to get rid of unsightly cellulite can be uneven. Cellulite win, elastic and smooth beautiful body - it's not pie-dreams, and this is achievable reality.
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Cellulite and diet

Slimming: best gel-cellulite creams and slimming

Here are the top slimming products to combat cellulite, tone the skin and reshape the body to restore a beautiful silhouette.

Get a boost to combat cellulite and orange peel, fade to the visibility of the saddlebags, to become proud of its forms, what woman would not take? This is exactly the promise that all are anti-cellulite slimming gels on sale on the market. Of course, these gel-creams do not claim to remove cellulite completely, only to moderate its appearance, and at the same time to make the skin more toned and reduce waist circumference (for some products).

Most of these slimming treatments are available at the supermarket and / or drugstore (rays "beauty," "cosmetic"). Note that applying these gels alone will not suffice to blur cellulite. We must involve them in the regular sessions of physical exercises (and / or massage) and a overbalancing program support if you want to maximize their shares. Whatever happens, do not expect to see results before 3 to four weeks (for most products).

To facilitate comparison between the prices of products, we indicate both the "normal" price (whether it be a tube of 100 ml, 150 ml or 200 ml) and the price per liter (one 000 ml) for all products.

Furthermore, note that there is no grading in the following list. Treatments are listed indiscriminately. Classification by price low to high at the bottom of this article.

List for you the best care to shape the figure and reduce the appearance of cellulite and melt the saddlebags:

1) Dr. Pierre Ricaud Intelligence Slimming

These are a cream-gel anti-cellulite and anti-water specifically designed to treat abdominal fat and firm the abdomen. This slimming product manufactured by the brand Dr Pierre Ricaud fight cellulite and helps to fight against water retention. There are three levels to renew the skin: thinning, drainage, firming.

This creamy gel makes you feel very quickly the well-being through a texture Frache. Your skin will be smoothed, and if it shows various areas of orange peel, the visibility of the latter will be reduced (77% of women who tested this gel have been a visible improvement; the test was conducted under dermatological supervision on 46 women with two applications per day for 28 days).

Price:$42 (per 200 ml), or $209 per liter.
Cellulite and diet
2) Garnier body tonic concentrated gel Slimming.

This treatment aims to lose up to 2.2 cm around the thigh in 28 days (a clinical test conducted on 54 women for four weeks showed a mean reduction in thigh circumference of 1.9 cm). It also decreases by 25% visibility of cellulite appearance.

The texture of this slimming cream is fluid and very penetrating. It softens and tones / firms your skin really in just 28 days. This is the first gel brand mixing a high content of caffeine with extracts of red algae in the objective to reduce cellulite and curves visibly.

Price: $17 (125 ml), or $136 per liter.

3) Vichy Cellu Destock

This product will help accelerate weight loss in areas of the body that are resistant to dieting. Its minty fragrance is pleasant. Its texture is a gel, which enters the capillary surface very easily without a trace, which can put the clothes away. To put this slimming product correctly, it should be vigorously massaged to make the clearance easier.

This product firm and hydrates the skin quite well. Your forms are refined; the saddlebag is mitigated , the waste becomes thinner; the thigh retracts. Cellulite is visibly smoothed at seven days, then after 28 days of use, the volume of a thigh decreases by 10 cm ³ (according to a clinical scoring obtained on a sample of 50 women who followed the advice of a nutritionist ).

Price: $34 (per 200 ml), or $172 per liter.

4) Somatoline Cosmetic Belly and Hips

This anti-cellulite slimming care helps fight cellulite persistent, highly visible (marked fitted with dimples). It is effective for a long time, and prolongs the effect of the fine was.

Its application (once a day, morning) on ​​the skin produces a "cold-heating" which increases efficiency. Containing seaweed extracts of buckwheat and bitter orange, this slimming cream has a particular effluvium which will not please everyone.

Price:$49 (300 ml), or $164 per liter.

5) Lift Lineance Profiler

This fight cellulite slimming cream long. Its complex structure Phytosculpt disrupts clusters of stout inlaid. The caffeine it contains plant aims to break down fat to remove. Its extract of Euglena gracilis prevents new fat cells from forming.

The care is cold. The texture is similar to a gel, pale pink, slightly sticky. It should be massaged for several minutes to introduce it properly in the skin tissue. There is no fragrance.

After 15 days of application, the skin actually becomes smoother and firmer in the area of ​​the thighs.

Price: $14 (for 150 ml), or $99 per liter.

6) Lierac Body Slim

This treatment concentrated multi-action operates at several levels to refine the silhouette and assist you in the quest to find an overall slimming. It attacks the adipocytes (fat content and in the latter). It helps the skin to smooth and regain firmness ( including by combating water retention ).

The texture of Lierac Body Slim is light, refreshing and exhaled. After applying (by gently massages) on cellulite areas of your skin at least seven days, it gradually reduces the appearance of orange peel (the more you use, this aspect is more blurred).

There is also another slimming cream called Lierac Morpho-Slim. It costs 16 euros (per 100 ml). This treatment combines caffeine with a glaucine complex, but remains weak.

Price: $30 (per 200 ml), or $150 per liter.

7) Mixa intensive slimming

This gel anti-cellulite massage (it fades rather well saddlebags) wants to help you be ready for don a swimsuit this summer without fear, thanks to its three actions: destocking, firming, toning. It deflates slowly installed the curves, the appearance of dimpled rubber, improves drainage of skin tissue.

You can apply this technique slimming cream with rolled-palpated on your belly; love handles, thighs to maximize its effectiveness. This slimming gel concentrated ( containing a lot of caffeine ) quickly penetrates the hair surface without sticking or leaving an oily film on the skin. So you can dress immediately after application. In just one week, you could already feel its effect on your pants because you feel less tight.

Price: $14 (per 150 ml), or $95 per liter.

8) Gatineau Vital Sculpt

This treatment cryominceur fight cellulite, fat, excess body water. Its objective is to clear the excessive curves, reduce the dimpled skin, to reshape your figure.

This product is to be innovative (using a complex called Drain & Sculpt ™, which is based on caffeine, the lotus and seaweed) is to de-stock the excess in your body, to help leave a skin firm, a body slimmer.

Price: $51 (per 200 ml), or $255 per liter.

9) Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite

This gel-cream blue sky can be applied without massage twice a day. Its texture is pleasant and does not stick in most women (you can dress fairly quickly after being applied). It is subtly scented (odor is unmistakable).

Nivea puts forward a formula containing L-carnitine, which metabolize fat cells (converting fat into energy and supports the way their eradication). This gel has a slimming effect reviving supposed to boost micro-circulation in the skin. The product also has the merit of being cheap compared to its competitors.

Since 2011, Nivea has added co-enzyme Q10 (present naturally in skin tissue) in this gel-cream, which is now called "Good-bye Cellulite Firming Q10 Plus." L-Carnitine is at present mixed with the natural extract of lotus (which helps remove fatty acids and to restrict their resurgence).

Price: $18 (per 200 ml), or $91 per liter.

10) Daniel Jouvance Ocealgue Slimming

Five products make up this range. These anti-cellulite treatments are innovative. They help fight against cellulite areas caused by stress. They're slimming complex fight fat cells while de-stressing. They contain magnesium sailor who fights storage. They also include the Indigo wild micro-algae known chrysophyte lipolytic to de-stress while slimming.

In this range, a slimming cream called "Cafein'Algue Intensive Anti-Cellulite" stands out singularly by losing an average of 1.1 cm in waist, abdomen 0.7 cm and 0.3 cm of the thigh after eight days use twice daily (depending on the results of a study of 39 women who applied twice daily for eight days this product).

Price: $43 on average (for 145 ml capacity averaged over all five products) or $299 per liter.

11) Meso-Sculpt Filorga

This slimming body is the first protocol-mesotherapy to make at home. This is a roller with two rotary head's microneedles, which provides an answer to stubborn cellulite, lack of firmness.

The solution Meso-Sculpt is based on caffeine (which accelerates lipolysis) of active molecules of green tea (which detoxify), the NCTF ® (which replenishes the skin). It helps to improve skin texture, and shape to refine into 4 to six weeks. This slimming treatment is used in the evening on cleansed skin and dry.

Price: $140 (for 150 ml + rollerblading), or $933 per liter.

12) L'Oreal PerfectSlim

It combats cellulite slimming gel and restocking. It aims to tame and polish dimpled orange peel skin, invigorate and purify the silhouette.

Its cream-gel texture is very silky and pleasant (although a bit thick and penetrating as some women). After applying at least five consecutive days, your skin becomes softer and smoother. To optimize its action, it must be massaged while brushing and be completed by the slimming cream PerfectSlim night (15 euros for 200 ml).

Price: $19 (per 200 ml), or $98 per liter.

13) Roc Retinol Anti-Cellulite micro-active

This product is more convenient to use as it comes with a narrow mouth to put drops in specific areas on the skin. The application will therefore be more precise about where a cellulite body. Texture penetrates like wildfire in the skin (which makes it attach itself to clothing not even when you dress shortly after application), and its scent is very pleasant.

This is a very moisturizing cream-gel. It contains retinol (the most useful form of Vitamin A) , carnitine and caffeine, all components designed to eject the fat and facilitate their retrieval. Roc Retinol Anti-Cellulite micro-well active firms the skin tissue and reduces the appearance of cellulite rather well (-29% reduction in visibility cellulite on average, and lower volume of 1.1 cm on average, according to the results of a clinical evaluation of 47 women with twice-daily application).

Price: $32 (per 150 ml), or $218 per liter.

14) Kibio Naturally Thin

This gel-cream-based microspheres lifting plant is to refine the figure, to eliminate cellulite and restore tone to the skin. You can spread very quickly. It is neither too thin (not run) nor as well sticky. Pleasantly scented, it gives a feeling of intense freshness.

The skin is definitely softer and firmer, but the turn of the thighs is not decreased in cm . This slimming cream encloses tiny beads that are slow to penetrate the skin. So, you cannot help but do a complete massage of the area.

In a test conducted on 82 people for four weeks at the end of the period of application, 89% smooth skin, 81% have reduced the visibility of the orange peel, 70% have refined silhouette.

Price: $37 (for 150 ml), or $255 per liter.

15) Yves Rocher Cellulite Reduction

This slimming gel refreshes almost instantly and gives pleasure to be applied. Its design is simple and texture gives pleasure when applying. Frost action is based on the anti-seed storage of green coffee, the ability to optimize the cutaneous microcirculation of the extract of figwort, the restriction of fat storage Andiroba oil. The skin is a smooth day.

This product reduces the appearance cellulite in 76% of cases, according to results of a scientific study conducted on 29 women (who have applied twice daily for one month).

Price: $36 (per 200 ml), or $183 per liter.

16) Galenic Elancyl Cellu reversed.

This is meant to be slimming the best to restore firmness to the stomach, especially after pregnancy. How? It works by fighting cellulite localized in the abdominal area. It smoothes and combats cellulite.

Texture whitewashes absolutely (remember to massage the areas that you target in order to restart the bloodstream). She enters easily into the skin and is pleasantly scented. With a triple action: anti-cellulite (by reactivating the burning of fat), strengthening the firm (with the PG alginate ), stimulation of drainage (with a texture very suitable to massage the belly in order to decongest skin tissue).

A test conducted on 61 people bio metrological found an effective weight loss in 82% of cases from 14 days of application of this treatment (once daily).

Price: $32 (75 ml), or $435 per liter.

17) Weleda massage oil slimming organic extracts of birch

This oil is completely natural. It fights against the skin and padded makes him more flexible after two weeks of use (in a dermatological test on 20 women with cellulite, which applied this oil two times a day), supports the reduction of cellulite effects in place.

Plant extracts (birch, rosemary, holly) contained in this oil tone the skin tissue between permutations and circulatory system. Weleda also contains other oils (apricot kernel, jojoba, wheat germ) to revive, humidify, strengthen the skin.

This massage oil has a pleasant texture oily for some but that will not suit others, freshly scented (although some will find the natural smell too strong).

To use it, it should massage the affected areas 3 to 5 minutes so that the skin tissue has time to absorb the oil. The massage should be done two times a day.

Price: $24 (per 100 ml), or $248 per liter.

18) Biotherm Celluli Laser Size. Code

We are dealing with a product that is not content just to be anti-anti-cellulite or saddlebags but also aims to strengthen and reshape your forms. The fresh scent of this cream slightly sweetened thin is attractive.

After four weeks of application, its firming effect is irrefutable. The belly becomes flat. An in vitro test conducted on 41 women was identified after four weeks of application, 9 cc volumes were lost. The product contains a proprietary complex called Adiposveltyl. This activates a process of physical effort on adipocyte's rebels in the belly.

Price: $41 (150 ml), or $278 per liter.

19) Lineance slimming phyto-destock

This gel anti- cellulite promises to stem from the grease, unclog the skin, making cellulite smoother, to refine and strengthen the silhouette.

This slimming gel is freshly scented with menthol. Its application to the skin can then feel a freshness and lightness significant.

However, its texture is quite thick and takes time to get into the skin tissue (it usually requires 15 minutes of massage; you have to think long massage in a circular motion from bottom to top).

Price: $11 (for 180 ml), or $71 per liter.

20) Shiseido Body Creator

When your skin starts to sag, especially around the thighs, after a weight-loss program (especially if weight loss was important), you might consider one of the best care sculpting: the Shiseido Body Creator. Used daily, this slimming cream sculpts the silhouette and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Obviously, the price is up to the reputation of that mark. However, the smell of its cream is very nice. It's fine texture is very penetrating. It instantly refreshes the skin and strengthens in three weeks through the SLM Fragrance (a complex containing the virtues and assets' stimulates spices, caffeine and grapefruit oil).

Price: $78 (per 200 ml), or $392 per liter.

21) Nuxe Tonific slimming

This slimming product smooth and tighten skin. It blurs the advantage orange peel appearance on thighs and buttocks. Its gel-cream is smooth and rapidly enters the skin tissue without trace fat.

The application of this slimming cream provides a pleasant feeling. It contains caffeine, cocoa, plants ayurvedic.

Price: $35 (per 200 ml), or $176 per liter.

And here is a list by ascending price (from cheapest to most expensive):

Linaance slimming phyto-destock: 55 euros per liter (€ / L)
Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite: $92 / L
Lierac Body-Slim: $150 / L
Linéance Profiler Lift: $99 / L
Mixa intensive slimming: $95 / L
L'Oreal PerfectSlim: $98 / L
Garnier bodytonic concentrated gel Slimming: $136 / L
Somatoline Cosmetic Belly and Hips: $164 / L
Vichy Cellu Destock: $172 / L
Nuxe Tonific thinness: $176 / L
Yves Rocher Cellulite Reduction: $183 / L
Dr. Pierre Ricaud Slimming Intelligence: $209 / L
Roc Retinol Anti-Cellulite Micro-Active: $218 / L
Weleda massage oil slimming organic extracts of birch: $248 / L
Gatineau Vital Sculpt: $255 / L
Galenic Elancyl Cellu Reverse: $435 / L
Kibio Naturally Thin: $255 / L
Biotherm Celluli Laser Size.Code: $278 / L
Daniel Jouvance Océalgue Slimming: $299 / L
Shiseido Body Creator: $392 / L
Filorga Meso-Sculpt: $933 / L

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